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5 Steps to Master SMS at Scale

Signal London: September 2016

On the surface, SMS messaging seems simple and easy. At scale though, it can get very complicated. In this talk, Ben Stein and I provide our customers with tips and information on how to deal with the complexities of sending SMS messages at a large scale.

Building Serverless Bots on AWS

AWS reInvent Workshop: November 2016

I partnered with Shankar Ramachandran of AWS to give a demo on building a chatbot using Twilio's Messaging API and Amazon Lex.

Newest Messaging Features

Signal: May 2016

At Twilio, we were constantly shipping and improving our products for our customers. This was a talk Justin Pirie and I gave at our annual conference updating our customers on all the new products and features we were busy shipping in the past year.

Translating Customer Interactions to Documentation

WriteTheDocs Conference: April 2013

Documentation has several benefits: centralizes knowledge, helps companies scale, and provides customers with upfront information. This was a talk that Nisha George and I gave at the 2013 Write the Docs conference about why it's important to have the Support team write documentation and how great documentation can be produced. A video of this talk can also be found here


Jailbird -- Repo

Jailbird allows you to contact all your friends and family through SMS messaging or Voice calls through one phone call. Next time you lose your phone, call Jailbird and get in touch with everyone in a jiffy. Technologies used to build this app include Twilio's API, Devise, Google Contacts API, jQuery, and Ruby on Rails.

Liar's DiceMS -- Live / Repo

Play Liar's Dice over SMS text messaging with Liar's DiceMS. Built with Sinatra and Twilio's API, this lightweight game allows you to play with as many of your friends whether they are near or far.

Twilio Live Coding Demo -- Repo

Live coding in front of a audience is one of the most difficult forms of public speaking. You're coding and speaking in public, while introducing a topic and engaging with the audience. At Twilio, live coding at events is in our blood. We use it to show how quick and easy it is to get started and end with a bang by making the phones in the audience ring. I've live coded a number of times and this repo outlines my code and general speaking notes. The code is typed live in IRB.

Racing Boxes -- Live /Repo

While learning Object Oriented Javascript, I built this little racing game of boxes. Race against a friend by pressing your key as quickly as possible.

Collection of Work from Dev Bootcamp -- Repo

Dev Bootcamp was a intensive project driven coding environment where I got to solve all sorts of challenges ranging from Sudoku to a Rails survey application written thorough TDD. This repo is a collection of the challenges and projects I built during DevBootcamp. While I am proud of how much I've learnt and the work I've done, I also recognize that much of the code could be refactored and improved. This repo represents my journey and how I've progressed.